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The Endurance Summit

Who it’s for: Managers of programs that leverage third-party events (e.g. marathons, triathlons, century rides)

As if running an endurance program weren’t tough enough, you’ve had to grapple with a hurricane, a terrorist attack and a government shutdown. Learn how to make the most of 2014 from expert speakers and each other.

Program includes:

  • Speed Dating - Whether you are new to the endurance game or a veteran, you’ll have fun expanding your network in this 26.2-minute session.
  • Program Profile: Team Up! with Autism Speaks - Phillip Hain shares his program’s history and views on choosing the right race partners. 
  • The Ironman Opportunity - In spite of its insane physical challenges, the Ironman phenomenon keeps gaining speed. Dave Deschenes shares his vision for The Ironman Foundation’s charity program and lessons learned by the nonprofits it has worked with to date.
  • Smarter Recruiting - For the overwhelming majority of endurance fundraisers, their participation in your program is a “once and done” experience. Endurance veteran Staci Brown shares valuable tips for attracting your next crew of folks willing to raise big bucks.
  • Not All Participants Are Created Equal and Not All Audiences Have the Same Value - Targeting the right audience with your message is key. You can reap a big “ROE” (return on effort) by segmenting your marketing efforts and creating different messages to attract and motivate different potential fundraisers (e.g. core cause supporters vs athletes seeking scarce entries or men vs. women.) Learn how from Active Networks’ Amber Martin and nonprofits that have tested this approach.
  • DonorDrive “Driving Growth” Contest Big Ideas — Tracy Evans of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Geoff Curless of DonorDrive each share a big idea that can move a program forward.
  • Plus themed roundtable discussions, energy food worth ingesting, new industry research and much more!

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The National Series Summit

Who it’s for: Leaders of proprietary walk, run and other activity series

Whether you sit at the top of the org chart or make things happen in the field, we’ll customize your experience to make this a session you don’t want to miss.

  • Speed dating - Grouped with peers with similar levels of experience, you’re guaranteed to have fun and enhance your network.
  • Persuading Folks to Use the “F” Word - Fundraising, that is. Field staff reluctance to actively encourage participants to fundraise is one of our sector’s dirty little secrets. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society SVP Liza Munson describes how training and hiring made Light The Night managers and volunteers more effective at moving people to raise money, a key success factor behind recent growth.
  • Turning Far Flung Staff and Volunteers Into a Team - Dotted-line reporting, conflicting objectives and constant turnover are just three of the obstacles we confront trying to manage national series. In a highly interactive session, Make A Wish America’s Christie Madsen and peer-to-peer fundraising expert Rachel Armbruster share proven strategies and problem solving techniques to unify your staff.
  • Why Do Registration Fees Depress Participant Fundraising – And Do They Have To?Recent research indicates that walk/run registration fees can depress participant fundraising, yet for some organizations they are a key success factor. Is this throttling effect inevitable, like death and taxes? Blackbaud’s Kathryn Hall explores this dilemma with nonprofit panelists who have taken a proactive stance on walk/run fees and participant fundraising.
  • Plus discussion roundtables with peers who share your experience level and concerns, fortifying snacks and much more!

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Local/Regional Summit

Who It’s For – Leaders of proprietary programs that are NOT a part of a national series

From Boston to LA, nonprofits produce substantial peer-to-peer fundraising programs with challenges and opportunities that differ from national series. Join us for this overdue gathering of the people behind substantial hometown happenings.

  • Speed Dating - Grouped with peers with similar levels of experience, you’re guaranteed to have fun and enhance your network.
  • Program Profile: Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer - Now in its 12th year, this Atlanta institution has had some major competition from national series players over the years.   Executive Director Kimberly Goff shares her event’s history, challenges and lessons learned.
  • Take Your Regional Program’s Sponsorship to the Next Level - Regional events face unique sponsorship opportunities and challenges and few realize their corporate alliance potential. Learn to advance your performance from Good Scout Group’s Maureen Carlson, formerly City of Hope’s corporate alliance leader, and a panel of corporate and NGO executives.
  • Make Your Program Mobile Friendly - Accessing the internet via mobile devices is so common now that it’s imperative to adapt your program for cell phones and tablets. But how — and how much will it cost? Cathexis Partner’s Mark Becker gets you started on the journey to mobile friendliness with examples from Give Kids The World, Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and other nonprofits.
  • DonorDrive “Driving Growth” Contest Big Ideas — Alex Murphy of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and Todd Levy of DonorDrive each share a big idea that can move a program forward.
  • Plus curated discussion roundtables,  fun food and drink and much, much more.

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The Cycling Summit

Who It’s For – Leaders of cycling fundraising events

At last an opportunity for cycling program leaders to compare notes on creating more successful programs.

  • Speed Dating - Take a spin with top people in cycling fundraising.
  • All for One and One for All - The national movement to make cycling better for everyone is gaining momentum, and cycling fundraising is playing a central role. People For Bikes President Tim Blumenthal explores the issues and opportunities facing bicycling America and explains how we’ll all benefit by working together.
  • Program Profile: Tour de Cure - American Diabetes Association Special Events Director Nicole Preston shares valuable tips on building safe events and dealing with the inevitable weather, injury and other crises that come with the territory.
  • Enhance Your Cycling Program with a Better Brand - Creating an engaging brand and a distinctive voice spells the difference between an event that people merely show up for and a movement that engages people to give their all. Eventage’s Matt Glass and Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Jessica Scheps tell the story of the Closer to Free Ride to illustrate how branding can more deeply connect participants to your cause.
  • DonorDrive “Driving Growth” Contest Big Ideas — Andrew Valaianis of Climate Ride and Andrea Frieder of DonorDrive each share a big idea that can move a program forward.
  • Plus curated discussion roundtables,  fun food and drink and much, much more.

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