Infographic: Seniors are big givers to Millennial events

As the population grays, seniors are playing a bigger and bigger role in online fundraising. According to recent numbers from Dunham and Company, seniors are now just as likely to give online as those under 65. And as Baby Boomers head for retirement we’re gaining more seniors. It’s easy to make assumptions about who seniors […]

Chart: Ice-Bucket Challenge Is a Boon to the ALS Association

The ALS Association’s ice-bucket challenge—which encourages donors to challenge their friends to donate to the organization or dump ice water over their heads—has already raised more money twice the $19.4-million the nonprofit raised in 2013. Check out the blog post to a great chart withrunning donation and new donor totals that the online campaign has […]

Don’t be so quick to throw cold water on the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been criticized for “slacktivism,” social media petitions and stunts that allow people to feel good about getting involved with a cause without actually doing anything. But as it turns out, that critique, and Mr. Sheen’s contribution to the tsk-tsking, weren’t necessary. The ice bucket challenge has actually pushed people into action. […]

3-Day March Aims to Raise $1-Million for Nonprofit-Power Movement

Dan Pallotta, the former charity-events organizer who has been working to ignite a sort of nonprofit-power movement, announced that he has helped organize a three-day march next June to raise $1-million for an organization that hopes to change the public perception of nonprofits. Mr. Pallotta wants to challenge criticism of the money nonprofits spend on […]

Charities Seek Their Own Ice Bucket

The Success of the ALS Challenge Has Other Nonprofits Hoping to Capture the Viral Wave The runaway success of the ice-bucket challenge—garnering as many as 1,887 tweets a minute Monday—has other health charities hoping to capture some of the boost in awareness and fundraising that ALS has received during the past few weeks.   Fundraising […]

Insider Insights: Cycle for Survival

Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 1:30 pm EDT   We’re proud to present a behind-the-scenes look at one of America’s fastest growing peer-to-peer fundraising programs, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Cycle for Survival. Started as a grassroots team indoor cycling event by a cancer patient in 2007, Cycle for Survival engaged nearly 17,000 riders […]

The Remington Great Americans Shoot To Raise $1MM For Special Forces Charitable Trust

The Remington Great Americans Shoot (RGAS) announces its inaugural kick-off event September 20, 2014 at the Cypress Valley Shooting Preserve just north of Austin. This national shoot, sponsored by Remington Arms and The Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT), will bring together competitors from all over the country to honor and bring attention to the needs […]

Webinar Recording – Insider Insights: Cycle for Survival

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Wendy Folk Vizek – Director, Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Wendy Folk Vizek

 Featured August 2014             Name: Wendy Folk Title: Director, Walk to End Alzheimer’s Location: Orlando Number of years as a fundraiser: 17 Number of years at current organization: 1.5 What inspired you to do this work? Or, what keeps you motivated to do this work? My dad taught me at […]

The YMCA of Austin Case Study: Pairing Peer-to-Peer and Crowdfunding to Optimize Participation and Results

YMCA Austin

Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 2:00 pm EDT     Online campaigns are recruiting many new donors and supporters who in turn can spread your mission across more communities and continents. But with the advent of “crowdfunding,” nonprofits are losing control of the fundraising message. This is because commercial side platforms now allow people to raise […]