Maureen Carlson

Maureen has extensive experience and a successful track record in corporate alignment strategy, corporate sponsorship strategy and sales, cause-related marketing, grassroots marketing and cause branding. In 2000, after several years in the for-profit marketing sector, Maureen joined City of Hope and founded their cause-related marketing department. In her tenure at City of Hope, Maureen created several high-profile corporate cause marketing campaigns with corporations such as Staples, Dreyer's, PaperMate, Kellogg's, McDonald's, Universal Music Group and Safeway. She eventually earned a Silver Halo Award for the campaign she created with 3M's Super Sticky Notes brand. Additionally, Maureen co-founded the Cancer Research Alliance (CRA), a consortium of 13 of the nation's top comprehensive cancer centers. The alliance was formed for the purpose of uniting regional healthcare brands to partner nationally with corporations on dynamic cause marketing campaigns. In 2007, Maureen launched her own sales and marketing consulting business, Caliber Sales & Marketing, focusing on creating effective, integrated marketing campaigns for clients in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.