Helping Your Participants Maximize “Return on Effort” for Independent Events

When combined with traditional online fundraising strategies, participant-planned independent events can be an extremely powerful tactic for peer-to-peer fundraising. Live events, like happy hours, allow thon participants to raise awareness about their efforts for your cause – and have the potential to raise a lot of money, quickly.

By providing support and guidance, nonprofits can help participants avoid missed opportunities. For example, many participants plan exciting and interesting events, but fail to drive ticket sales. In fact, 88% of fundraisers send invites when tickets go on sale, but then fall silent.

During Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council’s December webinar, “Helping Thon Participants Host Successful Independent Fundraising Events,” Eventbrite’s Senior Marketing Manager, Christine Bohle provided valuable tips to help nonprofits maximize participants’ independent event efforts and hit their thon fundraising goals.

To watch a recording of the full webinar, please click here.

During the webinar, Bohl shared four measures to help evaluate event success and maximize participant “Return on Effort”

  • Broad Reach & Appeal - Does the event help expand the participant’s network by reaching beyond their close family and friends, who may already be aware of their efforts and dedication to your cause? Does the event take advantage of communities where your participants may already be active, capitalizing on hobbies or other calendar & seasonal milestones?
  • Provide Options to Give - Does the event provide multiple ways for attendees to support participant’s efforts and contribute to your cause? Can people buy tickets, donate online, purchase add-ons like merchandise or raffle tickets at the event?
  • Protect Your Brand - Does the event raise awareness of your cause? Have you protected your brand and organization’s reputation by providing participants with the tools they need to be ambassadors for your efforts?
  • Engage New Constituents - Does the event maximize donations by making the experience seamless for attendees? Do you have a way to communicate directly with new constituents who encounter your organization through the event?

A full recording of this webinar is available free. Please click here to listen.