P2P Spotlight: Up close and personal with peer-to-peer fundraising professionals

Kymberlee Setterberg

Title: Senior Director, National Community Fundraising, Team ASPCA & ASPCA Ambassador Programs
Location: New York
Number of years as a fundraiser: 12
Number of years at current organization: 3.5

What inspired you to do this work? Or, what keeps you motivated to do this work?

The ASPCA’s mission inspires me. When I started at the ASPCA peer-to-peer programs didn’t exist. It was an opportunity to combine the nation’s passion for animals with something that everyone, regardless of age or income, could accomplish.

What’s a fundraising tactic you’ve employed in the last year or two that you’d suggest others try? Please describe what it is and what impact it had for your group?

We’re always focused on our mission and reminding people of the impact that they can make on the lives of animals. So we share real stories and pet photos and foster a deeper understanding of where donors’ money goes. I asked the regional managers to make this personal by sharing their own connection to the ASPCA’s mission with their teams.

What has been your proudest accomplishment as a fundraiser?

My proudest accomplishment as a fundraiser has been starting our endurance program, Team ASPCA. People look at existing models, like Team in Training, and think it’s easy. I’m proud that for the first time this year, members of Team ASPCA will raise more than $2 million.

What advice would you give to someone just starting a career in athletic event fundraising?

The first year that we started Team ASPCA, my goals were overly ambitious. Most fundraisers want to do more, raise more and achieve more, which is natural. My advice is to set realistic goals and be patient