Donna Wilkins

Donna Wilkins leads Charity Dynamics, a consulting and solutions firm serving non-profit organizations’ online communications, advocacy, and fundraising needs.

Charity Dynamics was started in the fall of 2004 by a team with extensive experience helping organizations introduce online initiatives to better serve existing constituents, expand their reach to new constituents, and increase efficiencies. Charity Dynamics’ Boundless Fundraising products have helped special event fundraisers raise over $100,000,000. Before starting Charity Dynamics, Donna was the VP of Services for Convio’s from their first client implementation to over 300 clients, building a team that’s recognized as a leading service provider to non-profit organizations.

Donna has worked with hundreds of organizations to implement online solutions with the ultimate goal of providing her clients the tools and confidence they need to be successful. She has worked with large national organizations with events across the country and small local events. Personally, Donna has participated in several fundraising events and raised over $10,000 from friends and family to support several organizations.