Walk from Obesity - ASMBS Foundation

Connie Stillwell
Walk from Obesity - ASMBS Foundation
100 SW 75th St., Ste. 201
Gainesville FL  32607
Phone: 352-332-9100
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.walkfromobesity.com

Our society is experiencing an obesity epidemic. An estimated 90 million people in the United States are obese and 15 million are morbidly obese, putting them at increased risk for other life-threatening diseases including type II diabetes and heart disease, at a cost of $117 billion every year. The Walk from Obesity is a national effort that increases public awareness of obesity, its numerous physical and emotional consequences and the available treatments.


Each year, this event welcomes more than 11,000 walkers in 70 cities across America who raise awareness and funds toward prevention, education, research and advocacy initiatives. This National event gives supporters and sponsors invaluable exposure in the obesity community, in addition to National and local media and the general public. This is the perfect opportunity to get involved in a truly worthy cause by becoming a supporter of the Walk from Obesity.


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