Turnkey Promotions

Katrina VanHuss
Turnkey Promotions
3310 Rosedale Avenue
Richmond VA  23220
Phone: 800.405.7829
Fax: 804.545.1010
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.turnkeywow.com/nonprofit

Turnkey Promotions is a nonprofit focused and research-based organization based in Richmond, Virginia. Since 1989, we have partnered with such organizations as the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Susan G. Komen and many others. Find us on Facebook, Twitter (@turnkeywow), http://www.turnkeywow.com and http://www.turnkeywow.com/tools


We do three things for nonprofits: First, we help them recruit, retain, and recognize volunteers. Second, we move volunteers to higher levels of fundraising. Third, we create brand awareness. The most effective and measurable way we help nonprofits is through our research-based, recognition (incentive) programs. Our programs increase fundraising dollars by 21% and more and convert zero fundraising walkers or runners into income-producing brand advocates. Our tee shirt programs build community events and brand awareness from one year to the next as do our other logo-imprinted products, which start lots of grocery store line conversations. Contact us at 800.405.7829, email us at [email protected], or visit the Turnkey Promotions Research Website (http://www.turnkeywow.com/nonprofit) to learn more.


Since 1989, Turnkey has partnered with such organizations as the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Susan G. Komen, American Heart Association, Boys & Girls Clubs, National Psoriasis Foundation, and many others. We have walked with their participants, cheered on their athletes, and personally fundraised for these causes and many others. Find our success stories on our Experience page (http://www.turnkeywow.com/nonprofit/pages/experience.html) or via our News area (http://www.turnkeywow.com/nonprofit/pages/news.html).

Case Studies

Our nonprofit success stories are listed here: http://www.turnkeywow.com/nonprofit. Here are some recent highlights from our News section: Turnkey’s Online Campaign Partner Blows Fundraising Goal Out of the Water Kenyan Organization Exceeds Goal by Nearly 90% http://www.turnkeywow.com/nonprofit/pages/articles/OHMHPR010510.htm Susan G. Komen for the Cure Fundraiser Leaves Economic Worries in the Dust, Races to More Than $1.2 Million for Fight Against Breast Cancer. 31% Increase over 2008 Exceeds Expectations for Susan G. Komen Affiliate http://www.turnkeywow.com/nonprofit/pages/articles/Komen100709.html

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