National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Betty Ross
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
900 S Broadway, Second Foor
Denver CO  80209
Phone: 303 698 6100
Fax: 303 698 6120
Email: [email protected]

The Society is dedicated to ending MS by engaging committed individuals who want to do something about MS now; individuals who raise money, volunteer their time, participate in events, conduct cutting edge research, advocate for change, and provide critical programs and services to families affected by multiple sclerosis. We forge partnerships with all those who have this shared commitment, including our sister MS organizations around the world, the National Institutes of Health, universities and medical schools, corporations, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our collective commitment and resources will enable us to achieve a world free of MS, faster.


Agencies/consultants/vendors: Blackbaud, Convio, Event 360, Merkle, Summit Marketing

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